Casa La Marina BARACOA is located in the best area of Baracoa, where the views are more beautiful

Casa La Marina BARACOA, located 5 minutes from the historic center of the city and 200 meters from the Bus Station. The house is located in the best area of ​​Baracoa, in the area where the views are most beautiful. Watching the sunsets (or, better yet, dining) on ​​the terrace, enjoying the spectacular views and the beautiful color changes in the sky… it is priceless!  On the terrace you can have breakfast (strong continental-style breakfasts) and dinner (you will taste the special cuisine of Baracoa, different from the rest of Cuba. Generous dishes, abundant garnish, unique flavors…). The specialty is fish and seafood (lobster or shrimp).

Casa La Marina BARACOA rents 2 comfortable, air-conditioned and spacious rooms, with a bathroom for exclusive use and silent air conditioning. From the rooms you can also enjoy the spectacular view of Baracoa Bay and the sacred mountain (El Yunque) emerging in the background, like a sentinel, above the tropical forests of the Alexander von Humboldt National Park.
There is a massage service, laundry, salsa classes and you can hire excursions, horseback riding, taxis… etc. in the same house.